Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik

Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik

Art and Ceramics Museum – Jakarta

When we talk about Old Batavia district… there’s no doubt that we are talking about building with Dutch design that used as Museum now, such as Museum Fatahilah (Museum Sejarah Jakarta – Jakarta Historical Museum), Museum Wayang (Puppet Museum), and others. One of it is also Musem Seni Rupa dan Keramik (Art and Ceramics Museum) which I used to called as Museum Keramik.

Standing left to right: Santi, Ari, Fe. Sit (left to right): Winni and Monic

This museum is also in Old Batavia district. It’s on Jalan Pos Kota No 2, Kotamadya Jakarta Barat, Provinsi DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s across the Jakarta Historical Museum. In this museum, you can see the painting collection from the profesional painters and also gifts from the community. You can also see the collections of ceramics, either local or from other countries around the world.

This big and old design building is built on January 12th, 1870. It was used as Judge Building when Hindia-Belanda rules in Indonesia (known as Ordinaris Raad van Justitie Binnen Het Kasteel Batavia).

On January 10th, 1972, this eight pillars building reserve as historical building. During 1973 – 1976 it is used as West Jakarta Mayor Office. And after that it is declare as Jakarta Art Center by President Soeharto. And as of 1990, this building is used as Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik (Art and Ceramics Museum).

What’s interesting about this Museum???

Have u watch “Ghost”? movie played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze that tells about a man which try to connect to his living wife when he past away (killed by a thief). One of the memorable scene is when Demi made an art using mud and Patrick is behind her touching and making the art together. It’s consider very romantic. Now… u can do that at this museum though it’s not suggested to doing it consider it is in public. But the machine used are there. You can try to be an artist and make handcraft from mud.

Well u can made a penguin, a lion, a mug, pot and other stuff. You can learn to made it from the beginning. There would be a teacher there. You only need to pay about Rp 20.000,- to Rp 25.000,- (outside the entrance fee which only cost Rp 2.000,-). You’ll get the tools, the teaching and you can bring your work of art home… J not expensive u know.

I’ve been there about 4 or 5 times this year only. Though I’ve never try to made one piece of art of my own. I see that all my friends that I took there having so much fun making it. They put all their creative energy into that one time only. Concentrate. Me? I’m only making picture of all others.


Outside your door my lady…

View from outside to Museum Sejarah Jakarta (Monic on a ride)

The stairs inside… beware of dizziness

Let’s make art hunny…

This is how to make it… daddy’s said.

Beside used as a museum… this building also so beautiful for take a picture.. like this one… picture of ABNON – ABANG NONE JAKARTA (it’s a local – Jakarta activity to choose their representative among Jakarta people for the enhancement of Jakarta in tourism, culture and many area. Maybe next time I will talk about this one specificly).

8 thoughts on “Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik

  1. Ryan..
    Loe harus ngajak gw ke sini!
    Waktu gw ke sini, udah keburu tutup :(
    Gw mau dunk di foto di pilar-pilar depan museum itu… Kayak di Parthenon, Yunani :p

  2. hi..

    im very interested on making the mud pottery stuff. i tried to collect information on the price and also contact number so that i could have the infor directly from it. pls share with me if u have one on my personal email as
    however, ur help would be very thankful..

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